Cordless LED Saucer Light


This bright Cordless LED Saucer Light is perfect for adding LIGHT to Chandelier, Candleholders, Floor Pillars when plug-in-cords are difficult to install.

DIAMETER: 13cm ( 5.25″)
USES: 4 – AA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
BULBS: 23 LED LIGHTS – 20 around the Rim, and 3 in the Middle
MODES: 3 MODES; LOW-3 LED Light, MEDIUM- 20 LED Lights, HIGH – 23 LED Lights

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LED Light Saucer – 23 Lights, Cordless with Remote Control

This bright disc is ringed with 20 super powerful white LEDs. Looks like a UFO flying saucer.

USES: Add light to chandeliers, floor pillars, and candleholders when plug-in cords are difficult to install. Tent and Camping Light

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